Advertising Voiceover

Selling, informing, inspiring, enticing…there are many ways to deliver an advertising voiceover.

I aim to be a versatile performer who can deliver an advertising voiceover for an energetic car sales commercial just as well as a stylish car brand commercial.

Studying with renowned VO Coach Nancy Wolfson, I have developed the skills to deconstruct, interpret and perform copy to deliver maximum impact.

My natural voice has been described as “everyman” neutral, but I also perform with a native Westcountry voice.

My home studio has been treated with a floating acoustic ceiling, bass traps and Rockwool panels. I record with a Neumann u87ai microphone going direct into a Presonus Studio 1824.

My Mac Mini M1 is ethernet connected to fibre broadband for sturdy connections on Cleanfeed, ipDTL, etc. I can deliver as a WAV/MP3 if preferred and work to standard ILR rates.

If I can help you with an advertising voiceover, please do get in touch!

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