Explainer Voiceover

How do you top a lovingly crafted explainer video? With a lovingly crafted explainer voiceover of course!

With an explainer voiceover, you are able to utilise an extra sensory channel to assist your animation in delivering complex messages in an impactful way.

Since you have painstakingly deliberated over each keyframe, it’s only fair that I apply a similar thoughtfulness to the voiceover! I’m careful to execute intonation, pacing and pauses that compliment and reinforce your concept.

Have you recorded a guide track? I can record “voice to picture” and ensure my track syncs with yours closely, with no or minimal reanimating on your part!

Much like the seasons, I totally understand that client minds can change. That is why I include a pickup session as standard in my costs.

I work from a treated home studio with a high-quality microphone and can provide the audio both “raw” or mastered… whichever you prefer.

If you’d like to find out more about my explainer voiceover services, please do get in touch.


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