eLearning Voiceover

An eLearning voiceover can be critical to an eLearning project’s effectiveness.

In an age of short attention spans, an engaging, knowledgeable eLearning voiceover artist who can maintain an audience’s attention is a must.

I have voiced many eLearning projects, ranging from short software tutorials, through to complex e-learning modules aimed at professional disciplines. Some of the topics I’ve covered include laboratory management, medical trial reviews, tech, construction and property law.

My voice is contemporary, conversational and caring, which helps in creating a personable narration that’s engaging and authentic.

If you would like to find out more about my eLearning voiceover services, please do get in touch.

  • Dependable

I understand the importance of good communication and will keep you in the loop. 

  • Production

Along with standard editing and mastering, I can also split and label the audio into individual files, in any format you require.

  • Attention to Detail

All audio is proofed against the script before delivery, to ensure any recording errors are kept to an absolute minimum.

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