Corporate Voiceover

Looking for a British corporate voiceover that doesn’t sound… well, too corporate?

I am often cast by companies looking for a contemporary, I’m often cast by companies looking for a contemporary, conversational style of corporate voiceover that sounds knowledgeable and professional at the same time.

My “everyman” type of voice sits in the 30s-40s age range, and has been used to communicate to both UK and international audiences.

Every project is unique, so I adapt my delivery styles based on the type of content and your direction. Some of the styles I perform include:

  • Authoritative, dynamic
  • Enthusiastic, motivational
  • Humorous, light
  • Stylish, refined
  • Warm, reassuring

With many years of experience voicing corporate projects, I’m comfortable tackling complex scripts in a confident manner, and regularly voice projects for the technology, business management, construction and pharmaceutical sectors.

My corporate voiceover clients have included Fujitsu, London Stock Exchange, Pitney Bowes, United Nations, Shell, BDO, KPMG, Danske Bank, Marriot, Nestle, Oracle and Dow Chemical.

Working from my own treated home studio, I offer prompt and reliable service to corporate clients around the world. I can direct and record by myself, or you can listen in using your telephone, Zoom or Skype.

I totally understand that client minds can change. That is why I include a pickup session as standard in my costs.

If you would like to discuss your corporate voiceover requirements, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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